Store kicked off with the dream of bringing the slickest kicks and freshest styles to the streets. Founded in the heart of the urban jungle in 1990, we've grown from a cool corner spot to the go-to hub for sneakerheads. Our journey is driven by a love for the sneaker game and a commitment to our tribe.


We're all about stepping up your shoe game. It's our mission to bring you the dopest drops and the classics, ensuring your steps are always fresh. We believe in sneakers that tell your story, are reliable to the core, and fit the unique you.


At Store, it's not just about shoes; it's about the statement you make walking down the street. We believe that a pair of sneakers is a canvas of personal expression, an extension of your style, and a testament to your unique journey. Our collection is curated with an eye for street culture, the latest fashion trends, and timeless classics, ensuring that whatever your vibe, we've got the sole to match.


We embrace the diversity of the urban landscape and reflect that in our range of sneakers. From retro classics that nod to the past to innovative designs that leap towards the future, our shoes are about starting conversations and setting trends. Join us in redefining street style, one step at a time.

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